Just Livin’ the Dream

You guys, you have no idea how EXCITED and tired I am! There are so many things going on in my world and I have started off the new year full speed. The kitchen renovation is underway! Soon my visions will come to life, and, I am finally able to design something! This is my first project and the start of my portfolio.

Not only am I renovating my own home, I am helping my wonderful brother fix up a flip house. Every second of spare time is spent on my projects. See why I am tired BUT excited?

It is hard work, y’all. There are so many small details that need to be worked out, trades that need to be scheduled, material estimates, and best of all, selections to be finalized. So, I bring to you today, the start. The start of my first kitchen renovation, the start of my portfolio, and another huge step on my journey to becoming a self-taught Interior Designer. I am so thankful for my amazing husband who always supports me, somehow figures out a way to make things work to carry out my vision, and for not killing me when I make him move things after he thinks he’s done!

My Kitchen:


FUR DOWN, COMING DOWN! This is the most exciting part of the entire reno for me!

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but wow, my poor hubby is exhausted. Cutting the island down meant re-routing electrical- the switch for the disposal, pendants, and all outlets. The fur down required so much more than just demoing, and I am so happy that step is done! Check out that original 60’s wallpaper!

Up next: countertops, range hood, shelves, sconces, and pendants. Stay tuned for DIY posts because I have already experienced some unforeseen problems that I will have to work around; those always make for the best DIY’s. 🙂


Wyatt and I are off to make our selections; he totally feels my excitement!


You guys, this is what dreams are made of. I am literally doing what I have dreamed about for years. Yeah, it might not be the biggest and most beautiful design ever, but it’s my first, and allllll from this crazy little brain of mine.

All my renovating love,

Jennie Leigh.


Life and Back to Bloggin’!


I feel out of touch! How are you? Are you still following along on this journey of mine? I promise, I will update you every week, hang in there. I wanted to give you all (whoever is still following) a little update on life and my journey. I remember the first time I posted on this blog I thought to myself “well, no theres no turning back now,” and then I quickly fell in love with sharing my life goals and ambitions. I find myself now feeling like I did when I hit “publish” on that post, and it’s probably because I haven’t put myself out there like I used to, but, I am back!

The New Job:

The reason for my lack of posts: my new job. I was laid off from my previous job and I was on the hunt for an Interior Design position. I called every Design company in town and I was turned down. I just don’t have the experience, and after landing the Project Coordinator position for the BEST COMPANY EVER, I realize NO WONDER DESIGNERS DIDN’T HIRE ME. Why am I yelling so much? There is a ton much work that goes into even a small rehab, but it seems like soooooo much fun.

I am learning SO much, y’all. I am working for a contractor and all the projects we are hired to do involve Interior Designers and the most beautiful homes. I am reading plans, learning about construction, and seeing inside the minds of Designers and Architects. I love to see the original plan and compare it to the newly designed master piece. I am constantly saying: “mannnn, that was a great idea” or “WOW, I wouldn’t have thought of that.” There are so many small details that go into a remodel and I just really love learning about all of them. My brain hurts after work everyday because there is so much to learn, but I like the challenge. BRING IT ON.


The Journey:

It sucks knowing that this month would be the end of the first semester of my CAD course. It’s ok, I am signed up and ready for next semester, and if they drop the night class again you will see a full blog post of this: jfksjfslkaf dskalfj (@*#($)*@#$_@()#N HFOIFSDHJ SON OF A!!!!! Not really, I will just have to deal with learning online. I really don’t want to learn design software that way (I don’t want to teach myself the wrong way), but I will if I have to. I am also looking into color theory courses and, recently found out today, that there a free online design courses (hopefully it isn’t too good to be true). I have decided to take online space planning and fundamentals of design courses if they are reasonably priced. Goal for the end of December: find the courses I want and sign up for them. Oh look, now you all have to hold me accountable.

When my husband asked me what I want for Christmas I responded with “a digital tape measure.” While I am waiting for my course to start, I thought I could measure my Master Bath and draw a new plan to scale; claw foot tubs are all the rage these days. Annnnnnd, that is my journey update.

If you are still here with me, leave me a comment. Share with me your design dilemmas, if you need ideas, want me to write on something specifically, or if you just want to say “HAAAYYYY GURRRLLL.”

Until next week!

Jennie Leigh

Range Hoods Galore!

As I am spending money on the kids for Christmas, I am dreaming of my new kitchen and floors. I have this fur down problem, but, I think I have tackled it. I think it’s a great thing that I have to save for this house because it’s giving me time to problem solve. Here’s the dilemma:

Fur down drama.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.03.15 PM

I am going to operate and open that bad boy up! We don’t know what lies behind that dry wall, but I am praying there isn’t plumbing. I am ok with electrical so that I can add goose neck lights above the open shelving that I am going to install on each side of the vent hood, but my budget will not allow for plumbing relocation. So with that, here are some pictures I found on Pinterest to show you how I plan to tackle the UGLY FUR DOWN.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.11.51 PM

This is Plan A. Now, my ceilings aren’t that tall (a girl can dream), but I still don’t want the range hood extending ALL the way up to the ceiling. I love that the range looks like it’s floating, and it still makes a statement. Now the only draw back is the backsplash. Where does it stop? I don’t have windows like the picture above, but I will have open shelving. SO, here is what I am thinking:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.18.36 PM

I initially envisioned the backsplash going all the way up the wall, but I am liking the way this looks. This picture shows me what my end cabinets will look like! I plan on trimming them out to look fancier, though.

Here is Plan B. If the vent for the range hood extends into the attic and out of the ceiling, I will have to do something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.30.04 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 8.33.00 PM

Maybe it will look better to me with open shelving and not cabinets…

There is my plan, my plan to save my man? What? Yes, I just threw out a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference; I am slightly obsessed…

Do you have any ideas? I am open fur suggestions! Did you see what I did there? Trust me, I have plenty more dad jokes waiting to come out. Pray for me!

Happy home renovating adventures!

Jennie Leigh 

Hello, Open Concept.

Well hello there!

It’s demo day! Today we say GOODBYE to the ugly brick wall and HELLO to open concept.


We have also decided to take out the cabinets running against the wall between the two areas:


They are awkwardly placed between the two spaces and I feel that taking them out will open up the space tremendously. I might re-use the bottom cabinets and countertop, but we will just have to wait and see.


Check out that concrete! You’re next, yellow floor!


So much wall space to decorate! I am really happy with my decision to take the cabinets out.


Just for a refresher, here are the before pictures.


I know the pictures aren’t much to look at, and you can’t really visualize the make over with such small changes over time, so I created a moldboard to give you a glimpse of what I am picturing in this crazy little head of mine.



As you can tell, I am a fan of white. I think the backsplash and pendants are my favorite! I am not sure how well this dream kitchen of mine will pair with my living room, and now that I have an open concept, I might have to rethink my furniture choices as well–I wish I could convince my husband to get rid of the reclining sofa! I am going to change and add piece to create a balance between the kitchen and living room. Wish me luck!

I will continue to update you on this journey of mine. It’s been challenging lately with work and home life to keep up, but I am determined. It’s going to get harder as I am still planning on taking a drafting course. Some how, some way, I will figure it out. There are times when I get down about not having money to do everything I want right away, or the time to nurture this blog the way I want, but, I also remind myself that nothing worth while comes easy. I think about the positive things: how much I am learning at my wonderful new job, or how I am blessed with a wonderful, HANDY, husband who is helping me achieve my dreams. How many people can really say they are doing what they LOVE to do? How many people are settling for a job or situation that is not what they truly imagined or hoped it would be? I was that person a year ago, and I won’t go back.

I hope you are all well! What is going on in your world? What journey are you on, and what goals have you set? Share it with the world, we all need a little motivation!

Fake it until you become it!

Jennie Leigh

The Starting Line

Well guys, I have reached the starting line! I moved into my little 60’s house 2 weeks ago and it’s been CRAZY. I am so glad to be blogging! I miss it. Unpacking with a 2 year old is not fun, but we are making progress.

I have had some good luck with this home so far and I am hoping it just keeps coming! The fire place had this HIDEOUS black, metal covering, and after begging my husband to  take a couple of screws out to see what was behind it, we struck gold! Let there be brick! I do not have a before picture (Idiot! I know), but it matched my range hood below. Why did EVERYTHING have to be so dark??




As you can see, we still have to paint the ceiling, but the difference is amazing!

We painted immediately. I was unpacking and my husband was filling his lungs with oil based paint, poor guy! The fumes were terrible! Wyatt and I had to leave the house.




I would love to have ripped out the wood paneling and install new sheet rock, but for now, it’ll do! The beams pop now and I am in love. I will reveal the kitchen in the next post, because we are planning on painting the cabinets this weekend! **Insert happy dance here!!** The yellow floors are KILLING me, but I am trying my hardest to be patient.

I hope this gives you a little glimpse of the tiny but impactful changes we have made. I probably should have waited until I had everything set up to take an awesome picture, but I just had to post. I am so excited to show my style and to really see what I can do. I hope my husband survives! Pray for him, y’all.

Spreading the happy to all your homes,

Jennie Leigh


Meet your match, Subway Tile!

I don’t know about you, but, I have seen an awful lot of  white subway tile. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it, but at the same time I don’t like the idea of having the same kitchen backsplash that 82934238093 other people have. So, if you are looking for some stylish alternatives, look no further!

Carrara Marble Tiles:

I love marble tile backsplash because it gives a clean but elegant look. If you want to take your kitchen style up 10 notches, try the marble tile.


Arabesque Tiles:

Arabesque tiles work well in transitional design. They are classic but blend well with contemporary elements, and give your space the perfect touch of texture. You can get these guys in different colors, too!



Hexagon Tiles: Ummm, love! What I love? Well, they make a statement without being too dramatic. Vintage home remodelers love using hexagon tile for an updated, classic look.


3×12 Subway: Ok, I know this is a post is about subway tile alternatives, but this is still an alternative. Instead of the traditional 3×6 size white subway, try the 3×12. You can get glass or porcelain, and you can purchase a variety of colors. I love this alternative because of the different textures they offer.


The simple white 3×12 tile below adds depth to wall with it’s textured edging. That little detail makes a big difference.


Still wanting something more? Try the herringbone pattern with the 3×12 tile. I like the way it looks using the bigger tiles instead of the normal 3×6; it’s not as “busy.”



Last but not least, we have Moroccan Tiles. They have so many different names, but if I believe that overall they are categorized as “Moroccan” tiles. With so many different patterns and colors, you can really show your personal style.




What style speaks to you? I am going to have a hard time picking something for my little fixer upper. 1 more week until move-in! WOO-HOO!

Happy backsplash hunting,

Jennie Leigh

Journey Update – A Darn Good One!

Today was a really good day, and after all the things that have been happening lately, I needed it! Last week the seller of my little fixer upper and I couldn’t come to an agreement on the roof repairs. The contract was cancelled and I was incredibly sad. Then, I had my first interview (at a design center) after my lay off and it was a TOTAL disaster. I was so embarrassed that I wanted to run and hide. HAHA I can’t help but laugh at myself. I was put on the spot and failed miserably. I felt like my little world was crumbling around me when I received an email that said “due to budget cuts” my AutoCAD course was cancelled. I had everything figured out and ready to go and then all of a sudden, I was somehow back to square 1. This week is MUCH better. I landed an interview at a remodeling company and was called back today for a second interview. You are now looking at, well reading about, the new Assistant Project Coordinator. I am SO excited. It is my first job that is sorta related to Interior Design and I couldn’t be happier. I was so nervous after my last interview but now I see how God is working. I knew that after praying my little heart out that God had something better for me, and he sure did. Everyone I met today was so nice AND funny. They are definitely my kind of people. I am going to learn sooooooooooo much. It is going to be hard work and might take me a little bit to really get it down but I am ready. I am determined, and I am capable. You know what the best part is (besides learning all about remodeling and construction)? I get to work with Designers. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

After all that excitement, I came home to my wonderful husband telling me that the seller realized how bad the roof was and is repairing it. We submitted another offer and she accepted! RELIEF CITY! So yeah, it’s a pretty darn good day. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is AutoCAD. I will have to research online courses and come up with a plan.  This is a major goal of mine and I can’t give up. As Dory would say ” there’s always another way.” What is with me quoting kid movies all the time?!

A friend once told me that her lay off was a blessing in disguise and I can honestly say that I feel the exact same way. Everything is coming together, and you know what? If it “falls apart” again, I will re-group and try again.

Anyways, I hope this wasn’t too boring for you. For all of you that have been following my journey, thank you! I will soon be able to remodel your kitchen for you HAHA. But seriously…

I wonder if back to school jitter tips will work for back to work jitters?

Cheers to new beginnings,

Jennie Leigh.