How To: Designer Kitchen

The kitchen is really the heart of every home. We eat, we socialize, and we are just merry little people when we are in the kitchen. Designer kitchens are on everyone’s major must-have list but if you are on a tight budget and looking to do a little at a time, try adding these  two features to get started on your designer kitchen journey!

  1. Range Hoods and Backsplash. Range hoods (or vent hoods) are available in every home improvement store, OR, if you are crafty, you can scoot on over to Pinterest to read tutorials on how to make a custom vent. Now, the backsplash. I know, everyone who updates their kitchen puts in backsplash BUT when you do, make sure to go all the way up to the ceiling with it if it fits your kitchen layout. When you layer the range hood over the extended backsplash your kitchen will instantly feel more majestic, modern, and just plain awesome.



Check out some of these gorgeous custom hoods!



2. Open Shelving! Adding open shelving is such a great way to spruce up your space and add personality. You can play around with different dishes, decor, and really let your style shine! With so many shelving options, your kitchen can be unique and one of a kind. If you are worried about being neat and organized, opt for adding a couple of shelves with your cabinets; still looks great and gives you an opportunity to display your favorite kitchen items. 

open shelving raw



What kitchen designs do you love?

Dreaming of kitchens,

Jennie Leigh

Pictures:,,, The Interior Collective,  The inspired room.

Defining Open Concept

Hey Blogosphere,

I have been reading a lot lately, just trying to soak up all that I can, and I have learned a lot about open concept spaces. If you follow my blog then you would know that my kitchen and living room is all one big space, and I am having trouble defining the spaces. I think I figured it out! I am pricing out items this weekend and hope to get started really soon! Until then, I want to share with you tips on how to define spaces within an open concept plan. It’s amazing how these designers turn a blob of a space into a sparkling masterpiece, it’s like they have magic wand hands. Where are their unicorns?

***Note: These are not my photos***


Ummmm, did you just die after seeing this? Yeah, me too. I am SO in love with this open concept space. The key to defining the space into 3 sections: kitchen, living, and dining, is to use furniture that act as “walls”. Notice the console table divides the room evenly and creates balance. The couch outlines the perimeter of the living room, while the pendant lights anchor the the table to the designated dining area.

open conc

Rugs are another great way to define a space. The rugs in the living/dining combo above separate the spaces perfectly. Notice that each rug is big enough to fit all furniture groupings and makes a hallway effect between the two rooms for a nice flowing area.

focal point open

focal point 2

And last but not least we have focal points to help us! These living room spaces are grounded by focal points. The majestic stone fireplace and the organic wood shelving are great ways to add texture the the area while defining it.

Do you have an open concept floor plan? I would love to see it!

Journey Update:

I found out the Interior Design certification is not offered yet at my campus, so I decided to pursue an Associates in Architecture. I start my first class in August, and AutoCAD course, that I hope will help me land a job! I will just keep pecking away a little at a time until I reach my goals. I am not going to lie, I cried today after being rejected two more times by designers. I am pretty down in spirits but still holding it together. I can’t even eat my feelings right now because I am on a diet. haha. If anyone out there reading this has any other advice for me, I am always open to hearing it.

I hope you are all well!

Jennie Leigh

Q&A’s on a Friday.

Have you ever been so inspired on Pinterest, decide to tackle a project, and it just fails miserably? I have, but I love it because not only do I laugh so hard I cry, I learn a lot from it. One time I was inspired by the color gold and went on a rampage with gold spray paint. I decided to paint my white lampshades, gold, and the end result looked like I picked them up from a taco joint. I wish they came with a side of potato and egg tacos but nope, just the ice cold burn of design fail.

two thousand eighteen-2

So with that, I would LOVE to know what your biggest problems are when it comes to your homes. Is it finding the right decor, furniture, or color? I want to help! I want you to tell me what design dilemmas are going on in your world so I can help solve them! Do you need help trying to achieve a certain style? Do you have a piece of art that you are just dying to put up but can’t seem to find a way to incorporate it in your space? Ask your girl, Jennie, I got this! I want a challenge, to learn, and to help.

If you post a comment I will personally message you with my advice and help. If you are a Facebook friend following and live in the area, I would be more than happy to set up a time to meet with you.

I look forward to helping!

Jennie Leigh


Trendy Tuesday

Trend Alert! Today I am sharing two trends that are growing in popularity: Brass hardware/finishes and floating vanities. Thinking of sprucing up your space? You might want to get on board with these latest trends.

brass hardware

I know, I used to cringe with the thought of using brass hardware, but this isn’t your grandma’s style brass. This trendy hardware has more of dull than shiny finishes, and can be used with a variety of styles, even the beloved farmhouse look!


With so many different options to chose from don’t be afraid to swap out that brushed nickel!

hardware brass

Bathrooms everywhere are getting  minimalist makeovers with floating vanities.

floating vanity grey

This vanity makes the space feel wider and still allows for plenty of storage.


How can you not love this look? The vanity seems to extend forever on the wall and paired with the mirrors gives it that WOW look we all drool over.

Would you try these in your homes? What trends are you loving lately?

Happy Trendy Tuesday!

Jennie Leigh

Inspirations on a Monday

Hey guys!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post! I have been crazy busy but I am done with excuses. I have started this blog journey and now I must stick with it. I love blogging and I am determined to make more time for it. Scouts honor!

I made a blogging schedule today , wrote down all my ideas for future posts, and I have high hopes that this blog will grow into something pretty amazing. I know I am on the right track and I was reminded of that today. After putting my son to bed, I checked my email like I do every night, in hopes of seeing a response from the 843904823 emails I sent out to designers for advice and job openings, and received a response that I would have never imagined. No, I wasn’t offered a position and although I am sad, I am uplifted. I was reminded tonight that I need to step it up. The world is waiting.

I have to share it with you:

Hi Jennifer,

Typically, there is a standard email stating that we appreciate your interest in our company and that we will consider you for a position, or decline you because you lack the experience but I had to take the time to email you personally.
The (for now) news is that we are moving in the direction of hiring someone more experienced however, I wanted to say that I was inspired by a common thread I saw on your blog and that is to never stop trying and to never to stop chasing your dreams.
You are exactly the type of authentic, hungry, passionate woman that it takes to succeed in this world.  You have impressed me with your honesty, drive and determination…know that will take you very far!
Take the courses for interior design, keep building your portfolio, intern, learn from the experts and most importantly, stay tenacious in your fight!  I’ll be cheering you on so keep me posted.
All the best, 

Lori L. Navarro
Gallery Leader

RH San Antonio 

This simple email means the world to me, and I am soooo appreciative! I am going to refer to this when I feel down to pick myself back up. I am ok. I am on the right track. I can do this. Thank you, Lori. You have picked me back up and made me smile.

Cheers to starting again! I hope you are all still with me!

Love to all,

Jennie Leigh

Journey Updates

Happy Almost Friday!

I am writing this on my phone! A first for me, so if there are errors you know why.

I decided to add “Journey Updates” to each post. I have created this blog to serve as some type of portfolio, but more to share with you the everything that I am going through to accomplish my dreams. Seeing it all written down for the world, or the 20 people following me, is something special. When I get to where I want to be, and I know I will (just might take 10 years), it might inspire someone. It might show someone who has always been told “yeah, that will never happen” that it CAN happen. I might reach someone who is at the place I am now, and lift them up. It might give them a quick slap on the butt and say “keep on goin!” But I want to share it all. The pitfalls, the breaking through points, and the finish line. So, lets do this! 

Journey Update:

I submitted all the paper work I needed to go back to school today. I found out that my local community college offers a Interior Design certification. I am praying this helps get my foot in the door! Baby steps, one thing at a time. Juggling school, work, and kids will be hard, but I am determined to get through it. I will probably look like an extra in the walking dead, but I’m already married so I’m good. Sorry babe! 

I’ve been a little discouraged lately. I’ve called over 10 Interior Design companies and sent my resume to about 5, and haven’t heard ANYTHING. They don’t care how passionate I am, they just want someone experienced. They need specific skill sets and they want to know what you’re going to do to benefit them. I need to step up my game. 

Don’t worry, guys! I am confident that I will have a positive and happy Journey Update for you, but until then, I’ll just work harder.

Still hopeful,

Jennie Leigh